Mission Statement

Our Mission: To help women and men cope with the impact of fast globalizing world, we will invest in women and men through cutting edge monitoring and empowerment techniques; the end product will be empowered women and men capable of navigating a fast globalizing world and be free from the cycle of poverty. We will also identify opportunities available in local and international contexts and invest to sustain benefits of our intervention

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We do believe that local people, community based organizations, grassroots NGOs and other stakeholders need to fully participate in their projects, if sustainability has to be attained. AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc. has decided to take this approach in changing the lives of poor people  because many low-income individuals and groups feel that they have no voice in the society, that they are not listened to even when they are asked for their opinions. In this regard, a significant number of "top down" projects which are conceived and implemented by a variety of developmental players do not succeed. Our approach is to change the paradigm since we subscribe to the view that if people are integral to the planning of community intervention, then that intervention will be theirs. They would have a stake in it not only as its beneficiaries but also as it originators. They will do what is possible to see their work succeed.

AGEN and AGEN-USA Inc. are one but affiliate organizations: AGEN oversees operations in Sub-Saharan Africa whereas AGEN-USA Inc. oversee operations in both the United States of America and Sub-Saharan Africa.




AGEN in Sub-Saharan Africa


Affirmative action on Gender Equality Network (AGEN), initially known as Africa Grassroots Gender Empowerment Network (AGGEN) was established de facto in 2008 when its initial founders, Tanzania's Fulbrighters, were brought together by Ms. Diana A. Carvalho. This lady was the Coordinator at the Dar es Salaam U.S Embassy overseeing U.S. Department of State Fulbright and Humphrey Alumni programs in Tanzania. While Ms. Carvalho brought together the Fulbright alumni as part of her job description, she always went an extra mile beyond her job description, by creating and strengthening relationship, firstly between her and the alumni and secondly, among alumni themselves.  Through that relationship the idea of establishing AGEN emerged. The driving force for its establishment was to foster cooperation among U.S Department of State Alumni in Tanzania and beyond and make change to the society. Today, AGEN-Africa has extended its presence in all of Sub-Saharan Africa where its members have started to open AGEN country specific branches as semi-autonomous Not-for-profit NGOs in their respective countries. Please visit all pages of this website for details.

AGEN-USA Inc. in the United States of America


AGEN-USA Inc. has been incorporated in New York State, USA since February 6 2012.

The main purpose of AGEN-USA Inc. is to network Sub-Saharan immigrants in New York, USA with the aim of fostering collaboration among themselves and eventually reconnecting them with men and women in Sub-Africa to boost everlasting social, cultural and economical collaboration. AGEN-USA Inc. will conduct all lawful activities that may be useful in accomplishing the foregoing purpose to network resources and empower scholars (US Department of state alumni members and other interested scholars) and activists dedicated to gender empowerment and human rights promotion in Sub-Saharan Africa, to share their expertise to empower women and men through provision of financial services, cutting edge monitoring, capacity building training and awareness raising campaigns so as to boost target population's socioeconomic wellbeing and thus create self-confidence which is important for meeting Sub-Saharan Africa's life challenges and fostering Sub-Saharan Africa collaboration with the United States. AGEN-USA Inc. will also serve as an Affiliated, but autonomous organization, of Affirmative action for Gender Equality Network (AGEN) which is a Sub- Saharan Africa international NGO whose headquarter is in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. In furtherance of the foregoing purposes, the AGEN-USA Inc. shall have all the general powers enumerated in section 202 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law together with the power to solicit grants and contributions for any corporate purpose and the power to maintain a fund or funds of real and/or personal property for any corporate purposes. The corporation shall have the right to exercise all other powers which are, or hereafter may be, conferred by law upon a corporation organized for the above purposes, or which are incidental to the conferred powers.


Both AGEN and AGEN-USA Inc. are Not-For-Profit organizations that solely depend on members' and well-wishers in-kind and cash donations.  AGEN-USA Inc. and AGEN-Africa use your donations to further their charitable purposes as set forth in section 501 (c) 3 of the United States Internal Revenue code of 1986. Neither AGEN-USA Inc. nor AGEN-Africa accepts donations for purposed other than those clearly stipulated in our purpose.