Our Approach

 Our approach heavily borrows from our mission. Here, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc. employs a PARTICIPATORY approach in all of their interventions. This approach stresses the importance of taking local peoples perspectives into account and giving them a greater say in planning, implementation, managing, monitoring and evaluation processes.

We do believe that local people, community based organizations, grassroots NGOs and other stakeholders need to fully participate in their projects, if sustainability has to be attained. AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc. has decided to take this approach in changing the lives of poor people  because many low-income individuals and groups feel that they have no voice in the society, that they are not listened to even when they are asked for their opinions. In this regard, a significant number of "top down" projects which are conceived and implemented by a variety of developmental players do not succeed. Our approach is to change the paradigm since we subscribe to the view that if people are integral to the planning of community intervention, then that intervention will be theirs. They would have a stake in it not only as its beneficiaries but also as it originators. They will do what is possible to see their work succeed.