Core Program Areas

Core Program areas include:

  • Women and men socio-economic empowerment
  • Gender Issues and Mainstreaming
  • Sustainable Rural and Community Development
  • Poverty reduction
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Water and sanitation
  • Health, Malaria and AIDS/HIV

Women and Men Empowerment

cropped-DSC_02101.jpgHere we focus on empowerment, food security, and outreach to marginalized communities. This program has been empowering grassroots women living in semi-urban areas of Tanzania and in particular those who live Iringa, Morogoro and Singida regions since year 2011 todate. The women have created entrepreneurial networks to sustain their relationship with AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc. Many of the grassroots women are involved in small businesses such as sunflower oil extraction, food vendoring, shop keeping, tailoring and making of traditional costumes. This program has been enhancing these networks through training programs, study visits, trade fairs participation and intercultural exchange activities; all are intended to empower women to cope with a fast globalizing world. This initiative has been achieved through provision of loans, cutting edge monitoring and capacity building . The program has identified and promoted entrepreneurial women’s networks, whose members are equipped with entrepreneurial skills, in fostering their political, social, cultural and economic empowerment. Experience in many underdeveloped countries, such as Tanzania, reveals that a combination of training and micro-finance to women can yield good results in promoting their socio-economic status as well as that of the community and the country in general. This has proved to be true for this project.

In addition, the program has been facilitating networking among scholars across the globe who share their expertise and  experience.  The end product of this project is creation of a model which can be adopted across Sub-Saharan Africa and the whole continent of Africa.

Consultancy Services

25-05-16 board meetingAGEN and AGEN-USA Inc. volunteers can offer consultancy services on each and every aspect of rural life in the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa and the African diaspora in the United States of America. Our consultants are scholars who were born and raised in villages of Sub-Saharan Africa but had an opportunity to be educated abroad in high quality and reputable global institutions. A significant number of our volunteers in the diaspora are graduates who are aware of challenges faced by the African diaspora and are willing to help for free.  Another strength of AGEN and AGEN-USA Inc. members is that they speak vernacular languages of the people living in Sub-Saharan Africa and they can easily get attached to grassroots people in Africa.  Please contact us any time and we will provide you with what we can do at that particular time. Given our status as not-for-profit, we do not charge any fees. However, we request our customers to donate some funds so as keep our services running.

Empowering grassroots men and women globally