AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc’s “Exceptionalism”

Firstly, Exceptionalism is the perception that an institution is “exceptional” (i.e. unusual or extraordinary) in some way and thus does not need to conform to normal rules or principles. AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc is determined to attain excellence in each and everything it does as explained in its vision: Vision of AGEN-USA Inc. is to maintain and advance our position and status as the most reputable charitable International NGO dedicated to empowerment of grassroots women, men and youth. Other exceptional qualities of our organization are listed in the following paragraphs.

Secondly, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc is determined to help women and men cope with the impact of fast globalizing world by investing in women’s and men’s capabilities through cutting edge monitoring and empowerment techniques; the end product is empowered women and men capable of navigating a fast globalizing world and be free from the cycle of poverty. AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc identifies opportunities available in local and international contexts and invests to sustain benefits of our intervention. This is attained through developing customised context specific solutions which takes on-board socio-cultural context of target populations. Simply put, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc does not impose solutions to communities but work with the communities to come up with reliable solutions.

Thirdly, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc is a democratic institution and not a “business as usual” Not-for-profit NGO. It always target to attain the best of the best. As an institution, it has developed transparent mechanisms to ensure good governance. There are no loopholes for nepotism, corruption, and individual ownership of the organization by certain groups or people.

Fourthly, the organization has created a room for young people to run the organization and benefit from the experience of senior members. As the young hold key leadership positions, senior members join the board to continue to share their experience and expertise to the young leaders. This ensures that key values of the organization are sustained from one generation to the next.

Fifthly, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc is a progressive organization in that it experience continuous progress taking on board new opportunities. It conducts participatory research to improve its operations as an organization and its interventions. AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc has moved away from maintaining “the status quo.”

Sixthly, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc is a gender sensitive organization giving opportunities to both men and women. Gender mainstreaming has been institutionalized in organization’s conduct and practise.

Seventhly, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc structured to take on board only those with high spirit of volunteerism. Thus the recruitment of our organization is not a one day process. Prospective candidate are taken on board as volunteers. At this stage, they are expected to use their personal resources to advance the lives of marginalized men and women. If the candidate honestly demonstrates the spirit of volunteerism, then he or she is taken on board.   Moreover, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc is not an organization that will shut down due to lack of funding. The members make use of whatever legal resources available to sustain its interventions.

Eighthly, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc takes advantage of its global network to reach out to marginalized people. It has developed sustainable relations with organizations and companies such as google (providing professional emails), bluehost (providing free webhosting) etc

Ninthly, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc is a product of an innovation aimed at empowering grassroots marginalized men and women in Tanzania and the rest of the world. The founders made use of a call by the United States of America Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) sponsored by the US government in February 16, 2011 to address global issues on a local, national, regional or international level. On April 4, 2011, AGEN’s innovative project idea was among the 137 finalists of nearly 700 project ideas from across the globe. The project idea became the most voted project of all finalist projects submitted in Africa. The project led by a significant huge margin (180 votes by 89 vote of the second most voted project). On May 23, the project was announced as one of the 38 winners of the AEIF from across the world and received an award of $25,000. This was the first award to be awarded to Tanzania. The innovation gained its innovative status after going through: a review by regional specialists, feedback from U.S. Missions, voting from State Alumni members, and a final evaluation by a U.S. Department of State review panel.

Tenthly, AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc funds are used to enable target population, make the best use of locally available resources. For example, the $25,000 AEIF award was used to mobilize more than $300,000 worth of grassroots resources in Singida and Iringa regions of Tanzania. The project has impacted the lives of over 400 rural entrepreneurs and over 120 scholars and activists from across the globe. We do not give unaccountable free hand-outs but demand target communities to make use of our assistance to mobilize locally available resources. This plays an instrumental role in sustaining our projects.

Empowering grassroots men and women globally