Donation image for the womenAGEN is locally registered and certified with registration number 00NGO/00004708 in Tanzania as a not-for-profit. AGEN-USA Inc is a not-for-profit Public US International NGO with 501 (C) 3 United States IRS Tax Exempt Status. AGEN-USA Inc. is incorporated in New York and is registered with Charities Bureau under Attorney General of New York state with registration # 43-15-29.


AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc. depends on your devotion to help empower women and men on your behalf. Your donation directly impacts lives of disadvantaged people. Please safely donate by clicking the “donate” icon below and follow the instructions (The provider of our webpage faces compatibilities issues with pay pal. Therefore, you will be redirected to our official blog to access our paypal donation page. please contact us at, if you encounter any difficulties):

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