Featured Members

Babalwa Dano

Babalwa Dano is a babs facelecturer in the Department of Social Work at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where she has been teaching since 2003. Babalwa is a PhD candidate at the State University of New York (Stony Brook), where she is a Fulbright Fellow. She completed her Masters and Undergraduate degrees in University of KwaZulu – Natal, South Africa.

Her research interests include HIV/AIDS (focusing on Serodiscordance, Elderly,Care Givers, and Youth), Teenage Pregnancy, Organisational Change in Higher Education, Teaching and Learning in Social Work, and Women in Academia. She has published papers on HIV Serodiscordance, and around HIV/AIDS Management, this includes a manual on HIV Management for Care Givers, HIV/AIDS Manual for Traditional Healers (AIDS Foundation), and co -edited a book on HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Babalwa has taught various undergraduate modules in Social Work (Fields of practice in Social Work, HIV/AIDS and Gender Violence, Mental Health, and Family Therapy),  and across discipline (taught Psychosocial and Health Care Module to Dentistry and Pharmacology undergraduate students). She has also taught abroad, where she taught Masters in Research Methodology module at the Social Work Department in SUNY (Stony Brook), USA and has been a visiting lecturer in the Department of Social Work, Jonkoping University in Sweden (2007).

Babalwa is a mentor to a cadre of youth who are promising leaders. This is a project where she ploughs back to the community by providing guidance, identifying a network of other mentors who can be role models to the youth, and also guide the youth on life skills (such as self-branding, networking, self-love and respect, and reading books that are motivational).

She has been serving as a board member of AGEN USA Inc (overseeing global operations) since 2011 to date. Beginning on August 2016, Babalwa serves as a Vice President for Volunteer Programs for AGEN-USA Inc

Divine Muragijimana

0e0ad18Divine Muragijimana, a Burundian native, is a Marketing Strategist and Events Development consultant who has also dedicated her life to training and investing in young African leaders. Currently, Ms. Muragijimana is also the president of The Council of Young African Leaders (The CYAL) and organization she co-founded with Okenfe Lebarty in 2011. Concurrently, she serves as Editor-in-chief of Applause Africa, a magazine whose mission is to bring news to the African community in the Diaspora, and put Africans and African initiatives at the forefront. Over the last 5 years, Ms. Muragijimana has been working with an extensive network of African organizations and African Businesses including nurturing and advising student organizations across the United States. While she enjoys her work in marketing and event planning, Ms. Muragijimana driving force is her love for Africa and appreciation of the political process and the role it plays in African societies.

 Ms. Muragijimana is also a strong advocate for women’s rights and youth empowerment with a specialization in post-conflict zones in Africa. She now holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Malone University and Masters in Urban Policy and Administration from CUNY Brooklyn College. “My mother used to tell me that the strength of Africa and its greatest wealth is its people. It was not until I was almost done with my undergraduate studies that I saw the wisdom in her words. The African people are Africa’s greatest resource, and my life mission is develop as much of this resource as possible, because I strongly believe that together, we can see Africa move beyond the first frontier into a new horizon”. Ms. Muragijimana now serves as Vice President- United States of America Operations and Vice President- Administration and Finance for AGEN-USA Inc to oversee global operations.

Andrew Chagula

Chagu 3

Finance Professional with years of experience in financial analysis, financial reporting, financial modelling and budgeting. He started his career in management consulting where he worked in client engagements across three service lines i.e. strategy & operations, human capital and technology integration. He has experience in telecoms industry having worked with market leader in Tanzania and later on moved to finance role in mining industry also working with market leader in Tanzania and one of the largest gold producers in the world. Currently, he works in manufacturing sector for market leader and 2nd largest brewer in the world. From his experience, he has been working with large multi-national companies and has been consistently scoring above average performance rating manifested through understanding of the business and his roles, hit the ground from day one. He is ACCA member with MBA and Statistics degrees, and completed Swedish Institute Management Program. Andrew serves as the Chair of the board of directors for AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc.

Damilola Agbalajobi

Damilola Agbalajobi, was born oPicture2n the 11th of August in Oyo, Nigeria. After early education in Ilorin, Kwara State, she proceeded to the University of Ilorin, Kwara State where she bagged B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Political Science in 1997 and 2006 respectively. She is presently a Ph.D student at the Department of Political Science, University of Lagos. She initially worked at the Redeemer’s University as assistant lecturer from 2006 to 2012. She joined the services of Obafemi Awolowo University on the 1st of March, 2012, where she is presently a lecturer I. Her area of research interest is International Relations; Democracy and Human Rights; Politics of Development, Gender and Women Studies. She has written a copy of article on The Role of Women in Conflict Resolution and Peace building; Gender, Power and Political Participation; Gender and Corruption: Insight from Nigeria Democracy; Gender Disparity and the Challenges of Governance. She has ongoing research on Gender and Elections in Nigeria and the Geopolitical Analysis of the participation of women in Nigerian politics. She also has keen interest in multi-method research designs. She serves as Vice President of Advocacy and Sustainability for AGEN-USA Inc. She can be reached at damilola.agbalajobi@agentz.org

Rasel Madaha

Rasel photo-2

Rasel has a career as an academician, researcher, author, consultant and not-for-profit entrepreneur. He has over 8 years in the academics. He has also worked with several local and international not-for-profit NGOs in both developed and the developing world. Specifically, he has accumulated over 17 years of experience in the not-for-profit industry in Africa and the United States of America. Rasel is also a recipient of several prestigious awards including Fulbright, Champion of Women Economic Development for year 2012 and the American Political Science Professional Development Award. Rasel has experienced life as a diaspora for three years whereby he lived in New York, USA with his wife and three daughters.

Rasel holds two Masters Degrees to include MA Rural Development of Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania and MA Global Gender Studies of the State University of New York, USA. He also holds BSc. in Agricultural Education and Extension of Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania and Diploma in Education from Morogoro Teachers’ College, Tanzania. Rasel has served as an adjunct faculty to several higher learning institutions and now lectures at Sokoine University of Agriculture located in Morogoro, Tanzania. He has taught more than 2000 undergraduate students on his areas of specialization. Moreover, he has membership in reputable professional associations such as CODESRIA and the American Political Science Association.

Finally, Rasel has been engaged in multidisciplinary action research, social experiments, cross-sectional surveys and ethnography since 2003 and authors over 9 articles, published in referred journals and books. Rasel has excellent command of both English and Kiswahili. He is now in advanced stage of his PhD study at the Institute of Development Studies of the University of Dar Es Salaam. Rasel serves as the President of AGEN-USA Inc, as well as Executive Director and Operations Manager for AGEN (he also serves as the website administrator to keep up and update it). He can be reached at rasel.madaha@agentz.org

Bi. Amina Mnenge Mlawa

Bi AminaMs Amina Mnenge Mlawa – Holder of Masters of Arts– Education – University of Dar es Salaam , Diploma in Leadership Development (specialization in Advocacy and Citizen Engagement, Community Based Conflict Transformation and Peace Building, and gender and Development) – Coady International Institute , University of St. Francis Xavier – Canada.

She is an experienced community worker with extensive experience in education, facilitation (training) and research undertakings in education, gender, health, leadership, good governance, poverty and development amongst others.  For a number of years she has accumulated rich experience in working with grassroot communities (youth, children, and women) to improve their livelihoods. She is also involved in lobbying and advocacy work that aimed at citizen engagement in development agenda.

Member of a Group of Women Research and Documentation Association (WRDP).  A Women’s research based Organization dealing with Multi Sectoral researches. She is Board Member of of the Tanzania Coalition on Debt and Development.

Currently serves as one of the Director of Networking Marketing and Promotions and Executive Management Team of AGEN-USA Inc.

Teddy Shangwe
Teddy Shangwe- Executive DirectorTeddy is energetic, creative, excellent team player, and great time manager. She is also effective and responsible communicator with self-confident. She has ability to work under pressure and lead others in a similar situation. She is hard working. She always aims at completing task timely and neatly in any circumstance. She always shares views and ideas with colleagues in solving problems. Teddy has strong monitoring and evaluation skills having performed post training assessment for CSOs; monitoring visits for data verification and clarification; supporting grantees on reporting and monitoring and evaluation activities; collection, compilation of data related to grantees work and other Foundation for Civil Societies (FCS) studies; verifying the existence of organizations applying for grant at the FCS; data quality assessment as per DQA’s components and identifying organizations that have misused the funds. Teddy serves as the Assistant Executive Director of AGEN.


Kidani Mhenga


Kidani is a holder of BA public Administration and international relations working as, programme officer, at Tanzania Network of Community health Funds (TNCHF), PPP/National health insurance funds coordinator of mutual health insurance scheme i.e. community health financing scheme.

She served national NGO network as board of directors for 4 years (Policy Forum)

Currently serving at the steering committee team of Tanzania coalition on debt and development.

She also promotes gender equality, do policy and budget analysis, social accountability monitoring and advocacy. In the past she served as a journalist at The Guardian Newspaper.

She now serves as Senior Director of Networking, Marketing and Promotion and board Member for AGEN-USA Inc.

Zakayo Shaudo


Zakayo M Shaudo, a graduate from the University of Dar Es Salaam, holds a Bachelor Degree of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management. 
He had a 3 months volunteering opportunity to work for Community Conservation Services (CCS) at TANAPA attached to Mikumi National Park as a part of his field work. Here he worked in different departments and among them are Community Conservation Services (CCS), Marketing and Ecology. 

He has conducted a few researches and among them is a paper titled “Social and Economic Impacts of Youth Migration to Mining Areas” a case study of Mererani 2013 University of Dar Es Salaam.

He works with Off Grid Electric Tanzania Limited (M-POWER) www.mpower.co.tz as a Regional Service Officer. Before coming to service department, he worked as a Regional Sales Officer for 6 months.

He now serves as one of the Directors for Networking, Marketing and Promotion for AGEN to oversee Tanzanian operations and as board member for AGEN-USA Inc responsible for international operations.

Happiness Philemon

HappinessHappiness  a  graduate  from  the  Institute  of  Financial  Management  (IFM) specializes  in  the science  of taxation.

She has worked as assistant accountant at Tanzania Posts Corporation, VICOBA (Village Community Bank) trainer at AHADWAY. During her undergraduate studies at IFM, she volunteered with Tanzania Posts Corporation as tax accountant and Public Service Pension Fund as finance officer.

She has also conducted research hosted by university of Dar Es Salaam under department of Aquatic and fisheries (DASF) based on “Fishermen life style” a case study of Mara Region 2015. She currently serves as Deputy Operations Director at AGEN & AGEN -USA Inc.

Selemani Jafo
Hon. Selemani Saidi Jafo

He is a Member of Tanzanian Parliament for Kisarawe constituency since 2010.  He also serves as Deputy Minister at President’s Office Regional Administration, Local Government, Civil Service and Good Governance for the government of Tanzania.

Hon. Jafo serves as a board member for both AGEN and AGEN-USA Inc.

Robert Hamis Shejamab


Robert Hamis Shejamabu was born at Kibena, Njombe (Southern Of Tanzania). He can be reached at p.o.box 11 Njombe, phone no.+255765080801, email rshejamabu@gmail.com/ sheja.mabu@agentz.org. He is an active member in his community. He has received many awards following his active participation in grassroots community matters. He has developed professional skills in entrepreneurship, leadership, volunteerism, trainer of trainers, peer health education, strategic health communication, laws and village coordination. He has gained experience from working as basic member with Kibena Youth Fellowship (KYOFE), legal adviser with Sustainable Economic  Conservation (SECO), Volunteering   as researcher with TWAWEZA TANZANIA, Volunteering as General Secretary with Njombe Youth Network (NJOYONE), as a fellow with John Hopkins University (Center for Communication Programs) since March 2014 to March 2015, Volunteering as peer health educator   with Highland Hope Umbrella (HHU) and Highlands Hope Umbrella (HHU) as Communication Officer of the Organization. He serves as Field Coordinator for AGEN responsible for overseeing Southern Tanzania. He has the following interests including reading books, Traveling with purpose, Watching television and movies, Politics issue, Discussing different development issues, Helping Young People in their difficult issues, To obtain knew Knowledge from my elders and To work on the community in order to achieve the goals

Nazael Mbwambo


Nazael Mbwambo was the Civil Technician in Mbarali District Council on the temporary terms from 2014 to 2015.

Nazael Mbwambo was born in Mbeya on 20th August 1989.  She graduated from Itende Secondary school in October 2008, and from Misungwi Community Development Training Institute with a diploma in Community Development and Civil Engineering  in August 2013.

After receiving her education, Nazael Mbwambo interned with MISPA Construction, Kahama District Council and Mbarali District Council in Field attachment in building &Civil engineering-NTA level 4 and 5. She was also involved in a project for upgrading Kahama Bus Stand from gravel to brick standard and in making soil sampling and analysis for road works from 2011 to 2014.  She later worked as a civil Technician in building and road works  from 2014 to 2015 at Mbarali District Council in Mbeya.

In October 2015, Nazael Mbwambo left her post as a civil Technician from Mbarali District Council for further studies at Tengeru institute of community development to pursue a bachelor of arts in community development.In her current studies she has developed adequate knowledge and skills in various aspects of community development including women and children welfare ,gender stereotyping and HIV stigmatization emancipation of disadvantaged groups which are extremely affected by poverty with the hope to complete her studies in July 2018 as the community development officer of which she hope to be a huge asset for her country in raising awareness towards wellbeing of the citizens of Tanzania.

Nazael serves as Northern Tanzania Field Coordinator for AGEN.

Bio of Adriano Clement

img-20161019-wa0010Adriano Clement has the following attributes work independently and in teams, Adaptive, Creative, Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, Self-discipline strong work ethics and trust, and Highly organized and detail-oriented. He holds a Bachelor of laws and works as Legal Officer for Elite Attorney. He has leadership skills in students Loan affairs, students ‘elections, Anti – Corruption, library management, and project management. He now serves as a board member for AGEN & AGEN  USA Inc.


Christina Nkanga Donasio

Christina works as Gender and, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Ilula Orphan Programs (IOP) located in Iringa. She has three years experience of working on Gender issues, and two years of working as Monitoring and evaluation officer. Over the period she has  spent working for different organizations, she has mastered coordinating projects, managing day to day activities, implementing intervention of Social behavior and cultural changing focusing on changing social and cultural norms on nutrition of pregnant and lactating women, children under two years and People living with HIV (PLHIV). Moreover she has mastered addressing gender roles and cultural norms which impact HIV transmission but also that affect nutrition status of pregnant and lactating women, children under two years including people living with HIV (PL-HIV). She also has experience of working in collaboration with other project such as USAID Borasha Afya project, Nafaka and World Vegetable Center. Also she has worked with government, Community Health workers and Volunteers in the villages on improving the health of marginalized population especially pregnant and young children. Again her mastery on Gender Studies has equipped her with expertise and dedication on helping the lives of marginalized people. Christina serves as PROJECT COORDINATOR (PC) for AGEN. She specifically oversees a project titled Women Empowerment through Capacity Building located at Mwangata ward in Iringa, Tanzania


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