Board of Directors

Board of Directors for AGEN-USA Inc (American and Global Operations)

s/n Name Title
1 Andrew Chagula Chair of the Board for both AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc.
2 Rasel Madaha Secretary of the Board, President for AGEN-USA Inc.
3 Divine Muragijimana (USA) Board member, Vice President- United States of America Operations for AGEN-USA Inc and Vice President- Administration and Finance for AGEN-USA Inc. (Board member for AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc.)
4 Yussuf Amour (Tanzania) Board Member for AGEN and Vice President-Sub-Saharan Operations for AGEN-USA Inc
5 Emmanuel Fredrick AGEN Representative
6 Dr. Elinami Swai AGEN Representative
7 Eddah Salama AGEN Representative
8 Jackson. J. Mkunda (Tanzania) AGEN Representative
9                                              Kidani Mhenga Magwilla (Tanzania) AGEN Representative
10 Dr. James Jesse (Tanzania) Board Member Sub-Saharan Representative
11 Dr. Shukrani Mbirigenda (Tanzania) Board Member Sub-Saharan Representative
12 Dr. Christopher Zambakari (USA) Diaspora Board member (USA)
13 Hon. Selemani Jafo (MP& Deputy Minister in Tanzania) Board member for AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc.
14. Dr. Nyankomo Marwa(South Africa and Tanzania) Diaspora Board Member (Canada and South Africa)
15. Mr. Abiud January Bongole (Tanzania) Diaspora Board Member (Netherlands)
16. Adriano Clement(Tanzania) Board Member Sub-Saharan Representative
17. Loriann Devito (USA) Board Member  (New York Residence)
18. Babalwa Dano (South Africa) Board Member Sub-Saharan Representative
19. Tesfaldet Adhanom Diaspora Board Member (USA)
20. Furaha Mugisha Diaspora Board Member (USA)
21. Joselyne Chenane Diaspora Board Member (USA)
22. Sutter Kiplangat Diaspora Board Member (USA)
23 Juhi Roy Board Member (India)
24 Allen Samapenzo Diaspora Board Member (USA)
25 Ernest Makulilo (USA) Diaspora Board Member (USA)
26 Honorable Meddie Mulumba (Uganda) Board Member Sub-Saharan Representative
27 Tina Washington Diaspora Board Member (USA)
28 Esua Enow (Cameroon) Board Member Sub-Saharan Representative
29 Mrs. Raky Hamza (Ivory Coast) Board Member Sub-Saharan Representative
30 Joy Aderele (Nigeria) Board Member Sub-Saharan Representative

Board of Directors for AGEN (Tanzania and Sub-Saharan Africa Operations)

s/n Name Title
1 Andrew Chagula Chair of the Board
Special Board Members
1 Divine Muragijimana Board member (Representing AGEN-USA Inc)
2 Hon. Selemani Jafo (MP& Deputy Minister) Board member.
Board Members
1 Yussuf Amour Board Member
2 Dr. James Jesse Board member
3 Dr. Shukrani Mbirigenda Board Member
4 Mr. Abiud January Bongole Board Member
5 Adriano Clement Board Member

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