African Women Entrepreneurs

“I think this is actually a time for Africa to show the rest of the world what is happening for woman entrepreneurs, having opportunities, creating opportunities – more importantly – I think the interesting thing here in Africa is that women are creating those opportunities for themselves and I think that is a game changer,” said Hawken

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Call for Applications

AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc,  a not-for-profit incorporated in Tanzania and New York, USA, is currently looking for committed individuals to serve as board members.

Before applying, please  visit and read vision, mission and Agenda 2030

Qualifications of board membership include but not limited to:
a)Ability to communicate in English fluently

b) willingness to devote one’s resources including time and money to help the organization achieve its mission,

c) willingness to travel and live in remote areas for two or more days.

d) ability to use social media such as whatsapp, Facebook etc

e) Ability to give innovative ideas that can transform our organization.

If you think that you meet the above mentioned qualifications, please email your CV to me as soon as possible. My email is or

Mr. Rasel Madaha

Ongoing Projects


Ongoing Projects

Title: Women Empowerment in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa through Capacity Building and Training

Category: Women’s Empowerment, Economic Opportunity and Prosperity, Food Security, Outreach to Marginalized Communities

Project Description: This project has been empowering grassroots women living in semi-urban areas of Tanzania and in particular those who live Iringa and Singida regions since year 2011 todate. The women have created entrepreneurial networks to sustain their relationship with AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc. Many of the grassroots women are involved in small businesses such as sunflower oil extraction, food vendoring, shop keeping, tailoring and making of traditional costumes. This project has been enhancing these networks through training programs, study visits, trade fairs participation and intercultural exchange activities; all are intended to empower women to cope with a fast globalizing world. This initiative has been achieved through provision of loans, cutting edge monitoring and capacity building training from a team of Fulbrighters, other US Department of State (DOS) Alumni as well as a significant number of non-alumni who are dedicated to the mission and vision of this project . The project has identified and promoted entrepreneurial women’s networks, whose members are equipped with entrepreneurial skills, in fostering their political, social, cultural and economic empowerment. Experience in many underdeveloped countries, such as Tanzania, reveals that a combination of training and micro-finance to women can yield good results in promoting their socio-economic status as well as that of the community and the country in general. This has proved to be true for this project.

In addition, the project has been facilitating networking among Fulbright and other DOS alumni from across the globe who share their expertise and American experience. Finally but not least, the project, through its experts, offers consultancy services to local and international organizations. The end product of this project is creation of a model which can be adopted across Sub-Saharan Africa and the whole continent of Africa.

Donor: US Department of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs

Award Amount: $25,000

Total Cost Share: $239,765

Grand Total: $264,765

Location: Singida and Iringa, TANZANIA

Local Partners:

  • Makoa Law Chambers Advocates
  • Tanzania U.S. State AlumniAssociation (TUSSAA)
  • Tanzania women’s Bank in Dar es Salaam,
  • Jumuiya ya Wanawake wafanya biashara Kinyangiri (abbreviated JUWAKI, in English, the Kinyangiri Entrepreneurial Women Association)
  • Local government authorities in Singida and Iringa
  • Network of Iringa Grassroots Entreprenuers (NIGE).

 Team leader: Mr. Rasel Madaha

Empowering grassroots men and women globally