Annual General Meeting 2017

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for AGEN was held on 16th December 2017. The main agenda for the meeting was to strategize for the upcoming year. The meeting agreed to raise funds and reach out to more people in Tanzania first before up-scaling to the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. The funds are going to be raised in collaboration with like-minded donors through mutually beneficial partnerships.

A new page dedicated to internship and volunteer programs has been created


AGEN and AGEN-USA Inc. offers interesting opportunities for our members, donors, and individuals  to experience personal growth through our cutting edge volunteer, and internship programs. Such programs lie at the heart of our interventions. AGEN-USA Inc. and AGEN were founded by volunteers and we continue making use of such programs to grow stronger.

Such programs are aimed at allowing volunteers to boost their managerial skills and be ready to take career in not-for-profit organization wherever in the world.

Many of our volunteers in the United States and across Sub-Saharan Africa find our volunteer and internship programs very rewarding.


Please note that the fees are an estimate of the actual prices. It all depends on your schedule.

4 WEEKS$800 7 WEEKS$1310 10 WEEKS$1890 12 WEEKS$2249


There shall be at 10 % discount of fees for a group of 3 to 5 volunteers teamed up together. There shall be a 15% discount for a group composed of more than 5 volunteers.


  • Personal pre-­arrival support and advice
  • Paper work and contract making
  • Airport transportation (Two ways)
  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • 3 days  training and orientation on Swahili language and culture
  • A local pre-paid sim card. You will have to purchase a mobile phone of your choice. It can be as low as $10.
  • Daily one-way transportation to a placement
  • 24/7 personal support and guidance

In addition to program fee you need to pay for business visa/Residence Permit C, tourist visa, airline tickets, vaccinations and insurance.

You are strongly advised to contact the nearest embassy in your country for up to date details. Generally, if you plan to stay for period of 3 months or less, you need to buy business visa  $250. You may get the visa on arrival to Tanzania

If you plan to stay for more than 3 months you need to buy a tourist visa for $50 and Residence Permit Class C for $1050.


If you cancel your trip after the contract is made and your invoice is sent you are still obligated to pay 50% of your program fee.


If  you would like to become a volunteer in our organization, please either send or email us at with a copy to You should email us an application letter, cv, a two paragraph bio, and a scanned photo of yours.

Please visit the page at

The 4th board and annual General meeting for AGEN (Africa Operations) are scheduled to take place on 21st January 2017

Date: Saturday 21st January 2017

Venue: AGEN’ New Office located at WRDP Building, Lufungira street (a few yards from Mlimani City, off Ubungo-Mwenge road), Dar Es Salaam

Time: From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (sharp). Members are advised to get to the venue at least 30 minutes before 10 a.m.

The agenda include:
1)Matter arising from the previous board meeting; 

2)2016 Annual Report;

3) submission of New Constitution for AGEN (not AGEN-USA Inc incorporated in USA)to the Ministry of Community Development (each one of Tanzanian board member and member of the Executive Management Team needs to bring two passport size photos to be submitted with the constitution to the Ministry),

4) Filling the Vacancy of the Executive Director for AGEN (note this is for AGEN not AGEN-USA Inc under the president. To understand the organization structure of AGEN&AGEN-USA Inc please;

5)Feedback from the field including Iringa, Mara, Singida, Morogoro, and Njombe in Tanzania

6)Progress from all departments;

7) Income generation for AGEN without dependency on donor’s funding;

8)Challenges associated with proposal writing and how to address them.  

9) MOU with
WRDP on office use (also a requirement for getting tin number);
10) AOB

All members are more than welcome. However, please confirm your participants before 15th January 2017

Thank you



Here is what individual donors have to say:

Sharon Green

I run a nonprofit that does humanitarian work in rural Uganda (Global African Village). I know that relatively small amounts of money can go a long way in many African nations. This is a worthwhile project – good luck reaching your goal

Lily Muldoon

Water scarcity in East Africa is a profound issue. As a former Fulbright scholar committed to this cause, I support AGEN in this important mission.

Alan Fryar

I’m a Fulbright alum working on water issues, particularly in Africa and Asia. This sounds like a worthwhile cause and I’m making a contribution in honor of my wife’s birthday.

Remembering the Past: Ambassador Presents TUSSAA Women’s Empowerment Grant

September 14, 2011

Ambassador Alfonso E. Lenhardt and TUSSAA members at the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam on September 14, 2011. (Photo: U.S. Embassy, Dar es Salaam)

Ambassador Alfonso E. Lenhardt and TUSSAA members at the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam on September 14, 2011.

On September 14, Ambassador Alfonso E. Lenhardt met with Tanzania U.S. State Alumni Association (TUSSAA) recipients of the $25,000.00 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) competition from the Office of Alumni Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. The Ambassador presented the recipients with a gift camera and a certificate from the U.S. Department of State signed by Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Ann Stock.

The recipients are Fulbright and Hubert Humphrey programs alumni Mr. Rasel Mpuya Madaha, Mr. James Jesse, Rehema Monko, Mr. Felix Mlaki, Dr. Elinami Swai, Ms. Grace Mushi, Ms. Happy Kikwa, Mr. Bakari A. Bakari, Mr. Francis Edward Semwaza, Ms. Zena Kiwanga, Ms. Happiness Constantine, Mr. Peter Kabigi, Gift Tyea, Ms. Anna Chikoti, Ms. Wende Mpozi, Ms. Furaha Njovu, Mr. Awadh Awadh, and Ms. Diana Carvalho. Mr. Jesse and his fellows were accompanied by the following TUSSAA leaders: Dr. Peter Mateso (President), Ms. Grace Mushi (Secretary), Ms. Halima Mamuya (Treasurer), Advocate Victoria Mandari (Legal Adviser) and Mr. Peter Masika (Volunteering and Community Services Coordinator).

In his remarks, Ambassador Lenhardt thanked the alumni for their leadership promoting empowerment programs for women and girls. “Promoting active alumni programs is one of my highest priorities. I admire your leadership as U.S.-Tanzania alumni dedicated to ‘giving back’ to your fellow Tanzanians, and your ideas to promote Tanzania’s development. It is essential to include the immense talents and contributions of women towards Tanzania’s development. Your grant supports that vision. I congratulate you in that Tanzania was one of 38 chosen from a total of 683 submitted proposals, and look forward to our continued partnership.” the Ambassador said.

In his remarks, TUSSAA member Mr. James Jesse (Fulbright alumnus 2007), thanked the Ambassador and the American people for their support for alumni programs. “We have been fortunate to receive opportunities that have served our professional goals, and are committed to strengthening our work to promote greater opportunities for young Tanzanians. We thank you and the American people for this opportunity to help women and youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through funding our exchanges to the U.S. and through the AEIF, you have contributed to our ability to change lives and improve our country.”

The AEIF competition offers alumni of U.S. government-funded exchange programs the opportunity to address global issues on local, national, regional or international level. TUSSAA’s proposal is titled, “Women’s Empowerment in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa through Capacity Building and Training.”


Buffalo’s Presentation is a Great Success

Photo: Some of the Fulbright Alumni (Dr. Shannon is second from your right)
Dear Ageners and supporters,
I would like to take this opportunity to deeply thank Dr. Shannon Risk for firstly making the presentation at Buffalo a great success in terms of quality in that the majority of Fulbrighters from the region were represented. Among other things, we had the President of the Fulbright Chapter for Western New York and Pennsylvania among the participants. We also had representatives from University of Fredonia, Niagara University, Daemen College and the University at BUffalo. Dr.Shannon also funded refreshments for all participants of the event.
Secondly, Dr. Shannon has donated $200 to AGEN. This fund will be given, as a special fund, to some women entrepreneurs. Priority will be given to women in Morogoro who had no opportunity to receive funds from the Department of the state (their network was established in 2015). Those who are going to receive the fund will write a letter to Dr. Shannon to explain how the fund has helped them to transform their lives.
The check has been sent to Divine Muragijimana in New York who will then make arrangement to transfer the fund to the women in Morogoro. Thank you very much Dr. Shannon.

This Saturday’s Presentation by Rasel Madaha has been moved to new Location

Hi all,

Due to the outstanding response we’ve gotten to Rasel Madaha’s presentation on his work with the non-profit AGEN in Tanzania, helping rural women access micro loans for business and farming, we’ve moved the meeting space. The day and time (6/25 from 4-5 p.m.) remains the same:

St. Joseph University Parish at 3269 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

Please get the word out to your networks, and thanks!

NB: RSVP to Shannon Risk at:

Empowering grassroots men and women globally